Chelsea’s Gift From Heaven

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Pamela has always had a knack for making the right decision and the hiring of Ymelda was no exception. Ymelda became Chelsea’s primary Aide back in October 2004. After Pamela’s passing I don’t know what this household would have done without Ymelda’s help.

This past year when Chelsea was at the hospital, Ymelda came and watched Chelsea all 17 days of her hospitalization. Ymelda has been Chelsea’s Guardian Angel.

Ymelda has done ALL things Chelsea including trips to Knotts Berry Farm and Disneyland.


Chelsea – The Good Help

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 Violeta has worked with Chelsea extensively in the morning hours since Chelsea’s release from hospital on February 15th. Violeta has been one of Chelsea’s Aides for last three (3) years.


Chelsea – The Rebound Kid

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Just short of AMAZING Chelsea has gone from dire diagnosis to now walking and back in school.

Courtney and Chelsea Birthday Gift – July 2007

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Introducing “Artie” the girls Birthday gift for July 2007. Artie was an 8 week old Shitzu when we brought him home.

Test Post from IPhone – Monster Tree

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Writing this Post From IPhone. Want to see how well this works.

Tragedy in Anaheim, CA

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While listening to the news yesterday (Oct. 29th) I was really sadened to hear the Tragedy that happened to Julian Alexander. This is a young kid only 20 yrs old, just married two weeks ago. Julian had never been in trouble with the law, ever…

Word has it that at 1:30am Tuesday morning Julian heard the noise outside his house which was  policeman chasing four other young boys in front of his house. Julian grabs a stick and proceed to go outside the house to see what’s going on and he runs into the Anaheim Police officers running after the young boys and the officer seeing Julian with the stick in his hands fears for his life and fires to FATAL gunshots into Julians chest. The story really gets fuzzy after that because the officer proceeds to handcuff Julian who has been mortally wounded and then Police demand that family NOT come out of the house.

The officer was a 10yr veteran of the force and has been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation. I could say many things but I won’t…You can take a peek at the video which is to your right in “Arthurs VodPod Videos”.

The only moral to this story that we might be able to pass onto our kids and others is that when confronted by Police Officers..DO NOT MOVE!!! – Don’t REACH/GRAB for your CELL PHONE.


King Aaron – Mr. Find Away

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Aaron has always been a good student in school but the first couple of years after the passing of Pamela were really hard on him and his grades suffered in his first year at Kennedy. I really worried about Aaron and whether he was going to be able to turn it around and improve the stupor he was in…

He went out for football and made the team in his Sophmore year and I knew that the demands of football practice,etc. was not going to help with making his grades any better. I guess you could say the lucky break came for Aaron when he got ill in October of 2006 and decided after that to no longer play football.

Prior to his dropping football my biggest concern was that when he graduated would he be able to get into the local JC. Well I can tell you that after that October I don’t really know what happened but Aaron made one of the BIGGEST-TURNAROUNDS I have ever seen. Now the only things that we regret is that if his first two years at Kennedy had been better he could have gotten into ANY SCHOOL in the Country.

Aaron finished his final two (2) years at Kennedy at a feverish pace and EXCELLEND in ALL subjects, Including Chemistry, Physics and Government. I was shocked when in his Junior year he was taking Chemistry and his teacher called to speak with me and I immediately thought OH-OH…She proceeded to tell me that it was a pleasure to have Aaron in her class and that he was such a good student… I SAID WHAT!!!

Aaron went on to take the SAT exam and did well..He initially thought he would be attending UNLV but later changed his mind and decided to apply at CSULB. Aaron received numerous scholarships and awards and has started off at CSULB on the right track.

Aaron, I just want to say that I am extremely proud of you and what you have been able to accomplish in light of everything that has happened.

We Love you and wish you the best….


King Aaron w/New IPhone